Fall Fashion Trends I’m Living For

Fashion is a funny little thing. I recently suggested (or rather begged) my boyfriend to watch Mean Girls with me as I only felt it right that he be able to divulge in such an iconic work of cinematic brilliance. Only when Regina George trashed the hallways of North Shore High School, did I realize the lifecycle of an outfit. In a black off the shoulder shirt, flared pants, and hoop earrings, Regina George had an outfit I would slip on in an instant. Everything from 2004 is back in, and I’m living for it.

I recently decided to dive into uncharted territory, and purchase a mustard hue velvet dress. This trend screams 70s to me, but I plan to style it with some over the knee-boots and a silk scarf. On my quest to find my perfect velvet piece, I stumbled upon some great masterpieces that have found its way into my online shopping cart 😉

I try my best to avoid splurging tons of money on a temporary trend, so when I saw an affordable and ADORABLE outfit during New York Fashion Week, I was thrilled. I think it’s incredibly important to get the most out of your favorite pieces, and summer dresses tend to be difficult to style in the cold weather. In order to transition the piece into fall, wear a turtleneck underneath! For even more warmth you can throw on a cardigan or coat as well. turtlenecks-under-dresses1

The last Fashion trend to hit the streets this month is the highly talked about and blogged about … the metallics. I must admit, I am very hesitant to try this look. I feel that if it is not pulled off in the right manner, it will look awfully tacky. However, I have seen many bloggers (thespread) who can rock the vibe in a skirt, belt, or jacket. I find the trick to be limiting the metallic to one piece of clothing rather than draping your body in it.

Do you like the metallic trend? How would you style a piece to keep your outfit from being too overwhelming?

Until next time,