My little Shoe Box

After spending one year in a chaotic dormitory, two years in a lovely apartment, and beginning my final year in a damp basement, college has definitely taught me one thing: how to utilize my space. Whether I was surrounded by incompetent drunks, stressed from work and school, or going through the Sunday Scaries myself, my room has always been a place I go to escape. This year, I moved into a shoe box in the basement.

After my initial anxiety and hunger hANGER passed, my mom and I tackled this room in ~15 hours. We spent more time screw driving and hammering then we did shopping, but we got it done.


I opted for a neutral theme this year, which really opened up the space and fit my “senior year of college” status (my roommates all have white comforters too – we’re very original). My grey silky throw and knot-tied pillow add a contrast to my bedding, while the fairy lights and curtain (that IS a window curtain) add a calming notion for the evening. Light a candle, grab a magazine, and spray some pillow mist – that’s my kind of night.


Right by the foot of my bed, I have my “pretty corner”. It’s a small storage cabinet that holds all of my jewelry, perfume, magazines, and make-up.

Since I am a college student, and the primary reason I attend school is to study, I think it is only fair to include where I work my ass off – my desk (C’s may get degrees, but they don’t get you a job). You may notice this table has actual color! I personally loved the light blue, and felt like it did not compromise the open feel of the room. The huge desk lamp is incredibly dramatic, but I LOVE IT. All my actual textbooks and supplies are on the side shelves, but who cares about them 😉


And that’s my room! I absolutely adore it and love to spend as much time in here as possible.

Until next time,